Selective Mutism Support Group

Helping Charlotte Parents Understand Selective Mutism In Their Children.

Selective Mutism Resources For Parents & Teachers

There are some excellent resources for both parents and teachers to help understand how to deal with selective mutism.  Many of these resources can be printed for FREE from the internet.


Print From The Internet For FREE


'What is Selective Mutism? A Guide to Helping Parents, Educators and Treatment Professionals Understand Selective Mutism as a Social Communication Anxiety Disorder'


Classroom Strategies For Teaching Kids With SM


 What is Social Communication Anxiety Treatment for Selective Mutism?


 The Social Communication BRIDGE (c)


 Selective Mutism Stages of Social Communication Comfort Scale (c)


 Diet and Selective Mutism 




Additional Resources 

Additional resources include books, DVDs, CDs and more!  Visit Dr. Shipon-Blum's Website for the most comprehensive resources online.


Summer Camp For SM Kids

Adventure Camp will be held August 5-9, 2013 and is specifically designed for kids with SM. 


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